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We are a Electric Rotary Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers manufacturers

Zhejiang Fullwatt Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an independent export-oriented enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing and sales. It is professional China Electric Rotary Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers manufacturers and factory. All our products have obtained CE, GS, EMC and other relevant market access certificates, and the engine has obtained Euro V emission certificates. Our products are widely sold in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, South Africa and other regions, and are deeply loved and praised by consumers.
All Electric Rotary Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers of the company are equipped with high configuration, high cost performance, easy to start engine, high working efficiency, long-lasting and durable. Our gasoline lawn mowers range from cutting widths of 40 cm, 46 cm, 51 cm to 53 cm, and can be equipped with Japanese Honda Power, American Briton Power, Runtong, Loncin Power, and our company's self-produced power, electric lawn mower The cut payment ranges from 32 cm to 33 cm, the gasoline scarifier has a tillage width of 36 cm and 590 cm, and the electric Matsumoto machine has a tillage width of 24 cm and 36 cm to meet the needs of different customers all over the world. Warmly welcome and provide customers with OEM and ordering services.


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Jul 15, 2021

About the intelligent lawn mower robot

At present, our company is committed to the research and development of intelligent lawn mowers. The intelligent lawn mower robot is a comprehensive robot system integrating environment perception, path dynamic planning and behavior control. Compared with traditional lawn mowers,...

Electric lawn mower Industry Knowledge Extension

The structure and working principle of electric lawn mowers
Electric lawn mowers are mowers powered by electric motors for mowing lawns and garden grass. Its main structure includes a motor, blade, bottom plate, grass box and handle, and other parts.
It works as follows:
Electric motor: Electric lawn mowers are usually AC motors or DC motors, depending on the size and type of machine. The electric motor is powered by a power supply, which can provide enough power to drive the blade to rotate during work.
Blades: The blades of electric lawn mowers are usually made of steel or alloy materials and are used for mowing grass. The blade is usually installed on the base plate, and the base plate and the blade are driven by the motor to rotate so that the lawn on the grass is trimmed neatly.
Bottom plate: The bottom plate is the part that supports the blade and the grass box. It is usually made of metal or plastic material and can withstand the weight of the lawn mower and the pressure of work. The blades on the bottom plate are in close contact with the ground during work, and the effect of mowing the lawn is achieved by mowing the grass.
Grass box: The grass box is the part used to collect the cut lawn and weeds. It is usually made of plastic material, has a certain capacity and strength, and can bear the weight of the lawn. The grass box is connected to the bottom plate, and the lawn and weeds are collected through the opening on the grass box.
Handle: The handle, usually made of plastic material, is used to control the direction and speed of the mower. The handle is usually equipped with a switch, which can control the switch and speed of the motor. At the same time, the handle can also adjust the height of the mower to adapt to the height requirements of different grasslands.
In short, the working principle of electric lawn mowers is that the electric motor drives the blade to rotate, thereby cutting down the lawn and weeds, cutting them into small pieces through the bottom plate, and finally collecting them through the grass box.

Which is better, walk-behind lawn mowers or gasoline?
Walk-behind lawn mowers and gasoline-powered mowers each have pros and cons, depending on your needs and usage scenarios.
walk-behind lawn mowers are generally lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them great for small lawns or gardens. Since they do not require fuel, they are environmentally friendly and produce no noise or fumes. In addition, walk-behind lawn mowers are low maintenance because there is no need to buy fuel and perform regular oil filter changes, etc.
However, the mowing efficiency of walk-behind lawn mowers is usually relatively low, because they need to rely on human power, and for large lawns, it takes a lot of time and physical effort to mow. Meanwhile, walk-behind lawn mowers often have narrower blades that require multiple passes over the same area to complete the trim, potentially affecting your time and efficiency.
In contrast, gas-powered lawn mowers are usually more powerful, can mow quickly, and are great for large lawns or areas with thicker lawns. Gasoline lawn mowers typically have wider blades that cut grass efficiently and get the job done quickly. In addition, gasoline lawn mowers often have a variety of height and speed settings to suit the needs of different lawns.
However, the use of gasoline lawn mowers requires the purchase of fuel and maintenance work such as regular replacement of oil filters, and the cost is relatively high. At the same time, the noise and exhaust gas produced by gasoline lawn mowers may have an impact on the environment and health.
Therefore, whether to choose walk-behind lawn mowers or gasoline lawn mowers should be decided according to your needs and usage scenarios. If you need to mow a large lawn quickly and efficiently, a gasoline-powered lawn mower may be more suitable. If you only need to mow a small lawn or garden and are more concerned about the environment and low maintenance, then walk-behind lawn mowers may be more suitable for you.

What is the typical speed of rotary walk-behind lawn mowers?
The rotational speed of rotary walk-behind lawn mowers depends on the specific model and manufacturer, and different models and brands of lawn mowers may have different rotational speeds.
Typically, rotary walk-behind lawn mowers spin between 2,500 and 3,500 rpm. However, some mowers may have higher speeds, reaching 4,000 to 4,500 rpm.
A higher rpm mower usually means a better cut, but it can also produce more noise and vibration. When choosing rotary walk-behind lawn mowers, you need to determine the appropriate speed according to your specific needs and usage scenarios.