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We are a Petrol powered rotary tiller manufacturers

Zhejiang Fullwatt Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an independent export-oriented enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing and sales. It is professional China Petrol powered rotary tiller manufacturers and factory. All our products have obtained CE, GS, EMC and other relevant market access certificates, and the engine has obtained Euro V emission certificates. Our products are widely sold in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, South Africa and other regions, and are deeply loved and praised by consumers.
All Petrol powered rotary tiller of the company are equipped with high configuration, high cost performance, easy to start engine, high working efficiency, long-lasting and durable. Our gasoline lawn mowers range from cutting widths of 40 cm, 46 cm, 51 cm to 53 cm, and can be equipped with Japanese Honda Power, American Briton Power, Runtong, Loncin Power, and our company's self-produced power, electric lawn mower The cut payment ranges from 32 cm to 33 cm, the gasoline scarifier has a tillage width of 36 cm and 590 cm, and the electric Matsumoto machine has a tillage width of 24 cm and 36 cm to meet the needs of different customers all over the world. Warmly welcome and provide customers with OEM and ordering services.


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Petrol powered rotary tiller Industry Knowledge Extension

Gasoline rotary tilles how to deal with unstable throttle?
Gasoline rotary tilles can be caused by a variety of problems, here are some possible causes and corresponding solutions:
The air filter needs to be replaced or cleaned: A dirty or damaged air filter can cause insufficient air flow, making the throttle unstable. Please clean or replace the air filter.
Dirty gasoline: The gasoline may be mixed with deposits and impurities, which may affect the fuel flow and cause unstable throttle. Please replace it with clean gasoline.
Fuel filter needs replacing: A dirty or damaged fuel filter can block fuel flow, causing unstable throttle. Please replace the fuel filter.
Spark plugs need to be replaced: Outdated or damaged spark plugs can affect the quality of combustion and lead to unstable throttle. Please replace it with a new spark plug.
Fuel Line or Pump Problems: There may be a problem with the fuel pump or fuel line, resulting in low or uneven fuel delivery, which can lead to unstable throttle. Please check and replace the parts requiring repair.
If the above methods cannot solve the problem, it is recommended to seek help from a professional mechanic.

How long do petrol engine tillers work and stop?
The use time and stop time of petrol engine tillers should be determined according to the specific usage and operation requirements. It is recommended to determine the use time and stop time according to the following factors:
Advice in the operator's manual: First, consult the operator's manual for your petrol engine tillers for the manufacturer's recommended use and dwell times, which will often give specific recommendations.
Tiller Load Condition: The use time and dwell time are also affected by the tiller load condition. If the load is heavy, it is recommended to appropriately shorten the use time and increase the pause time to ensure the normal operation of the tiller and engine.
Air temperature and ambient humidity: Air temperature and ambient humidity will also affect the use time and pause time of petrol engine tillers. If the temperature is high or the ambient humidity is high, it is recommended to appropriately shorten the use time and increase the pause time to prevent overheating and evaporation.
Operating environment: The operating environment is also one of the factors that affect the use time and pause time. If you operate petrol engine tillers in a high altitude, high temperature, dry or dusty environment, it is recommended to shorten the use time and increase the pause time appropriately to ensure the normal work and life of the machine.
In short, the use time and pause time should be adjusted flexibly according to the actual situation and operation requirements, and pay attention to the working status and operation of the machine at any time during the operation process, and stop and check in time if there is any abnormality.

What is the difference between gasoline petrol powered rotary tillers and diesel rotary tillers?
Gasoline petroleum powered rotary tillers and diesel rotary tillers are two common types of rotary tillers with the following differences:
Fuel Type: Gasoline petrol powered rotary tillers use gasoline as fuel while diesel rotary tillers use diesel as fuel.
Fuel efficiency: Diesel fuel has a higher energy density, so diesel rotary tillers can use fuel more efficiently and save fuel costs compared to gasoline rotary tillers of the same power.
Power output: Due to the higher energy density of diesel fuel, diesel rotary tillers typically have more torque and higher power output than gasoline rotary tillers, making them better able to handle heavy soil and large-area tillage tasks.
Noise and Vibration: Gasoline petroleum-powered rotary tillers are generally more prone to higher noise and vibration than diesel rotary tillers.
Maintenance costs: Diesel rotary tillers generally require more frequent maintenance and replacement of components such as oil filters, fuel filters, etc., so their maintenance costs may be higher.
Purchase cost: Generally speaking, diesel rotary tillers are relatively more expensive to purchase, but due to their higher fuel efficiency, they may be more economical to use in the long run.
In general, the choice of gasoline petrol powered rotary tillers or diesel rotary tillers should be decided according to the specific needs and usage.