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3 Tips to Buying a Petrol Lawn Mower

Summer is coming with longer evenings and nicer weather making it lawn mowing season. We have put together some important buying tips when choosing the ideal petrol lawn mower manufacturers for your garden, giving you the perfect cut every time.

Grass Collection

The capacity of the bag will vary depending on the lawnmower itself. Some lawnmowers now feature a mulching facility that cuts your grass into smaller pieces and is returned to your lawn without being bagged leaving the cut grass to add nutrients back into the lawn. Most lawnmowers on the market will now come with a grass bag and a mulching feature. These lawnmowers are usually referred to as 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 machine. These lawnmowers give the option to collect or mulch the grass.

Cutting Width

Choosing cutting width will be dictated by the size of your garden. The wider the cutting width on your lawnmower the quicker it will be to cut your lawn. The most popular cutting widths are between 16 inches to 24 inches, however larger cutting widths are available. Lawnmowers with larger blades tend to be slightly larger which in turn require more storage room when not in use.

Propulsion Method

There are two options of propulsion methods: push and self-propelled. Push lawnmowers do not feature a gearbox and are more suitable for smaller, level gardens where the lawnmower can be easily pushed around. Even though push lawnmowers are generally at the lower end of the price range they still provide perfect cuts to your lawn. On the other hand, self-propelled lawnmowers feature a gearbox and travel under their power by holding a lever at the handle to move it along. Self-propelled lawn mowers come in one speed or with variable speeds. These lawnmowers are much more suitable for larger gardens.

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