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Intelligent robot lawn mower

It is under developing, will coming soon.

Product Description

Zhejiang Fullwatt
Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Fullwatt Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is an custom Intelligent robot lawn mower supplier integrating product development, manufacturing and sales. Specializing in the production and sales of gasoline lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, gasoline scarifiers, electric scarifiers and other garden machinery products. All our products have obtained CE, GS, EMC and other relevant market access certificates, and the engine has obtained Euro V emission certificates. Our products are widely sold in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, South Africa and other regions, and are deeply loved and praised by consumers.
All Intelligent robot lawn mower of the company are equipped with high configuration, high cost performance, easy to start engine, high working efficiency, long-lasting and durable. Our gasoline lawn mowers range from cutting widths of 40 cm, 46 cm, 51 cm to 53 cm, and can be equipped with Japanese Honda Power, American Briton Power, Runtong, Loncin Power, and our company's self-produced power, electric lawn mower The cut payment ranges from 32 cm to 33 cm, the gasoline scarifier has a tillage width of 36 cm and 590 cm, and the electric Matsumoto machine has a tillage width of 24 cm and 36 cm to meet the needs of different customers all over the world. Warmly welcome and provide customers with OEM and ordering services.


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About the intelligent lawn mower robot

At present, our company is committed to the research and development of intelligent lawn mowers. The intelligent lawn mower robot is a comprehensive robot system integrating environment perception, path dynamic planning and behavior control. Compared...