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4 Great Advantages Of Petrol Lawn Mower

4 big advantages of Petrol Lawn Mower :

1. High efficiency: Generally, each lawn mower can mow more than 8×667m2 of grass per day, and its effect is 16 times that of manual weeding (0.5×667m2 per day).

2. Good benefits: Due to the fast rotation speed of the lawn mower, the cutting effect of the orchard weeds is good, especially the cutting effect of the weeds with high tenderness is better. Generally, wedding 3 times a year can basically meet the requirements of weeding.

3. Soil and water conservation: Weeding with a hoe manually will cause a certain amount of soil and water loss because the topsoil is loosened while weeding. Artificial weeding on the ladder will cause more serious soil and water loss. The use of lawn mowers for weeding has little effect on the soil surface because only the above-ground parts of the weeds are cut, and the soil-fixing effect of the grassroots is extremely beneficial to soil and water conservation.

4. Increase fertility: Weeding with a lawn mower should be performed after the weeds have grown to a certain height. A large number of cut weeds can cover the orchard, and can also be used as an organic fertilizer in the orchard to increase soil fertility.

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