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About the intelligent lawn mower robot

At present, our company is committed to the research and development of intelligent lawn mowers. The intelligent lawn mower robot is a comprehensive robot system integrating environment perception, path dynamic planning and behavior control. Compared with traditional lawn mowers, intelligent lawn mowers Robots have more advantages:
First, the intelligent lawn mower can work autonomously. The traditional lawn mower has a relatively low degree of automation and requires manual operation. The intelligent lawn mower is equipped with a high-speed micro-processing chip, which can identify the external working environment and perform operations based on sensor information. Homework, no or only a small amount of manual intervention
Second, the intelligent lawn mower robot has high safety. The intelligent lawn mower robot adopts the sensing unit and control system. Compared with the manual operation of the traditional lawn mower, the intelligent lawn mower robot is more sensitive and has a wider detection range. Wider, higher accuracy, and will not cause accidents caused by fatigue. In addition, the intelligent lawn mower robot can also control its own components according to different conditions and according to certain strategies to minimize the possibility of injury Performance, such as: stopping the operation of the mowing blade when the car body rolls over.
Third, intelligent lawn mower robots are more conducive to environmental protection. The lawn mower of traditional lawn mowers is mainly driven by internal combustion engines and batteries. When internal combustion engines are used for power, high-decibel noise and partially incompletely burned exhaust gas will be generated, which will be possible Bringing noise from the operator and surrounding personnel; when the battery is used for energy, although it can reduce pollution, but due to the limitation of battery power and volume, the operator needs to go back and forth for multiple recharging during the mowing process, which reduces the practicality. Since the intelligent lawn mower robot adopts an automatic control system, it can return to a predetermined location without manual intervention, so when the intelligent lawn mower robot uses clean electric energy, it will not bring extra labor.

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