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Benefits of Electric Lawn Mowers

As technology advancements bring battery-powered and electric lawn mowers to the marketplace, many landscapers are asking themselves if electric lawn mowers are any good and if it’s time to make the switch from gas lawn mowers.

Before considering the change to an electric lawn mower, identify the differences between gas mowers and electric mowers so you can make an informed decision. You might even be asking yourself if electric lawn mowers are any good?

Electric lawn mowers are great for the environment. Electric zero-turn mowers have zero emissions. They’re powered completely by batteries and don’t have an engine that burns gasoline. Without using so much as one drop of fuel, an electric zero-turn mower produces no exhaust, has zero pollution, and puts nothing harmful into the environment.

Electric lawn mowers have lower maintenance, saving time and money. Electric lawn mowers don’t need engine oil changes. Electric motors are fundamentally different than internal combustion engines. Internal combustion engines aren’t anything new or special – they’re engines in our cars, power equipment, etc. that burn fuels like gasoline or diesel to generate power. These engines have numerous moving parts which are lubricated by oil for long-lasting life and performance. After a certain amount of use, oil breaks down, becomes less effective, and needs changing – a time and money expense in labor and replacement parts.

Electric lawn mowers don’t have spark plugs. Electric lawn mowers don’t have spark plugs, meaning power is consistent and reliable. It also means you’ll never have to spend time or money checking, changing, or re-gapping a spark plug. If a spark plug in a gasoline engine becomes fouled (coated in gasoline, oil, or some other contaminate), it can prevent the spark plug from sparking. When a spark plug doesn’t spark, the engine may not start or could misfire and result in power loss. As long as the batteries are charged, an electric mower will have uninterrupted power delivery.

Electric lawn mowers don’t have an air filter. Electric motors don’t have an air intake system. That means no time or money spent checking, cleaning, or replacing air filters. No matter how dirty or dusty, environmental conditions will never compromise the health or reliability of an electric lawn mower.

Finally, consider how your business fits into the commercial lawn mowing landscape. Intelligent robot lawn mowers are gaining popularity among residential homeowners and landscapers.

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