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Correct Use Of Oem Petrol Engine Tiller

Correct use of Oem Petrol Engine Tiller :

1. Check all parts before use, especially check whether the rotary tiller is installed backward and whether the fixing bolts and universal joint lock pins are firm. If any problems are found, they should be dealt with in time and can be used after confirming that they are safe.

2. Before starting the tractor, turn the clutch handle of the rotary tiller to the disengaged position. To engage the power in the lifting state, the unit can start after the rotary tiller reaches the predetermined speed, and slowly lower the rotary tiller to make the rotary tiller go into the soil. It is strictly forbidden to start directly when the rotary tiller is in the soil to prevent damage to the rotary tiller and related parts. It is strictly forbidden to drop the rotary tiller rapidly, and it is strictly forbidden to reverse and turn after the rotary tiller is in the soil. When the headland turns and the power is not cut off, the rotary tiller must not be lifted too high, the transmission angle at both ends of the universal joint must not exceed 30 degrees, and the engine speed should be appropriately reduced. When transferring fields or walking long distances, the power of the rotary tiller should be cut off, and locked after being raised to the highest position.

3. When the rotary tiller is running, it is strictly forbidden for people to approach the rotating parts, and no one is allowed behind the rotary tiller, in case the blade is thrown out and hurts people. When checking the rotary tiller, the power must be cut off first. The tractor must be switched off when changing rotating parts such as blades.

4. The speed of advance during farming is 2-3 km/h in dry fields, 5-7 km/h in plowed or raked fields, and faster in paddy fields. Remember, the speed should not be too high to prevent damage to the PTO shaft due to overloading the tractor.

5. When the rotary tiller is working, the wheels of the tractor should walk on the uncultivated land to avoid compaction of the cultivated land. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the wheelbase of the tractor so that the wheels are located within the working width of the rotary tiller. When working, pay attention to the walking method to prevent the other wheel of the tractor from compacting the cultivated land.

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