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Electric vs. Gasoline Lawn Mowers: Make the Best Decision

Mowing the lawn may not be one of the greatest pleasures of summer, but it is something that most homeowners cannot avoid. You may even be thinking of buying a new lawn mower. Do you get lawn mowers that gasoline lawn mowers or electric lawn mowers? Unfortunately, comparing the two is not an exact science.

To help better come to a decision, here is a list of the three things to consider when shopping for an electric or gasoline lawn mower.

Engine power

When considering the purchase of a lawn mower, its power and durability should be among the first thing to consider when comparing models.

Compared to other models, gasoline-powered lawn mowers are generally more powerful; this means that gasoline mowers can have larger blades, which makes mowing the lawn much faster. For smaller properties, that is to say, less than 10,000 ft2, the engine power is more or less important. However, if you live on a large property and are dealing with rough terrain, a gasoline engine maybe your best option. Engine power varies by model, but an average of 190 cc may be sufficient for this type of terrain.

Electric mowers, on the other hand, are not always able to do effective work on large or uneven terrain. Rocks and debris on the ground can damage the blades of the lawn mower, or put too much pressure on the engine during operation. As a result, your electric mower’s engine could give up after just a few months of operation.

Ease of use

When we compare the different models of lawn mowers, we must also take into account the weight of the machine as well as its maneuverability.

The electric lawn mower is light and handy, it emits no toxic fumes and starts easily. Several models offer the choice between regular cutting and shredding. On the other hand, you have to think about how you are going to use the lawn mower, and ask yourself if a cord will not interfere with your work. If the cord goes under the lawn mower when mowing the lawn, you could damage the cord and you will need to replace it.

Operating time

If you prefer a lawn mower with the longest possible operating life, an electric model with a cord is your best option. As long as you have electricity nearby, you can mow your lawn. However, if you have a power outage in your area, you will need to put off mowing until another day.

A gasoline lawn mower relies on the capacity of its fuel tank to determine its operating time. Most gas-powered lawn mowers have a one-gallon gas tank that’s enough to mow mid-sized lawns. If you run out of gas, you can always fill the tank. However, you will also need to add oil to the fuel. The two-stroke engine needs oil for efficient operation and smooth movement of engine parts.

A good lawn mower will allow you to keep an impeccable green lawn. Therefore when purchasing a new lawn mower, most importantly, you will have to take into account your budget and that it will be a compromise between performance, comfort, and durability! Trust us, Fullwatt won't let you down.

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