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Everything About Intelligent Robot Lawn Mowers

The garden machinery manufacturers continue expanding intelligent robot lawn mower product lines and research into new lawn technologies. The intelligent robot lawn mower segment is set to grow as they become more affordable and capable.

Rise of the Robot Lawn Mower

Technology and smart hardware are changing our lives. We have smartphones, smartwatches, and smart vacuums... so why not a smart lawnmower? Autonomous robot lawnmowers have been around for decades. The issue is the early versions were very expensive and did not have the same advanced features as models today.

Fast forward to today, and it's apparent manufacturers are focused on producing cost-effective and feature-rich autonomous robot lawnmowers that are affordable and easy to use. These helpful robots will make homeowners' lives easier and save time.

Robot lawnmowers are most similar to the robot vacuums that we all know. They are low to the ground, able to navigate around surfaces on their own, can send us messages to our phones, and it's cool to observe them working.

How Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

Robot lawnmowers live at a base station (their "home") where they sleep and recharge. When it's time to mow, they navigate your yard on their own and clip the grass a little bit each mow. After they are finished, they return home to sleep and recharge. Robot lawnmowers clip less grass each mow, but they now more frequently.

Cutting your lawn more frequently has benefits because the clippings are small and can return to the soil to provide natural nourishment. Think of it this way - instead of getting a haircut once a month, you go once per week.

Each mower uses an electric battery for its power source - this means it's very clean and quiet. The area that your robot mower can cut depends on the size and type of battery. Large lawns may require multiple charges to mow the entire area. The mower will cut some, go home to recharge on its own, then return to cutting.

How Long Do Robot LawnMowers Last?

Blades must be replaced after they get dull. The timing will depend on your yard size and the frequency you cut it. You should clean your mower at regular intervals with a garden hose and brush to remove excess buildup. There is typically very little grass buildup each mow, but it still helps to keep your mower clean.

Batteries lose their capacity and power rating over time. Each battery is different based on its size and chemical composition. You should read manufacturer specifications to understand your battery life cycle. Most robot lawn mower models are designed for easy swap-in / swap-out of the batter if you need to replace it.

An intelligent robot lawn mower brings a lot of convenience to life and keeps your garden tidy. FULLWATT specializes in the production of China lawn mowers, you can contact us for anything you need.

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