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Gasoline Rotary Tiller Maintenance Process

The maintenance process of Gasoline Rotary Tiller :

1. Before using the lawn mower every time, check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower scales of the oil dipstick.

2. Check whether the air filter is dirty before and after each use, and change it frequently

3. The cutting head is in a state of high speed and high temperature when it is working. Therefore, after working for about 25 hours, 20 grams of high-temperature and high-pressure butter should be added.

4. When the lawn mower is working, the flying grass clippings will adhere to the radiator, affecting its heat dissipation function.

5. The reason why the engine cannot be turned off: the installation position of the throttle wire on the engine is appropriate; the throttle wire is broken; the throttle movement is not sensitive; the flameout wire cannot be touched. Remedy: reinstall the throttle cable; replace the new throttle cable; drip a small amount of engine oil to the active position of the throttle; check or replace the flameout cable.

6. The reason for the poor grass discharge of the lawn mower: the engine speed is too low; the grass outlet is blocked by the accumulated grass; the grass is too humid; the grass is too long and dense; the blade is not sharp. Elimination method: clear the accumulated grass in the lawn mower; mow the lawn after it has water; divide it into two or three times, and only cut off 1/3 of the grass length each time; sharpen the blade.

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