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How To Maintain China Lawn Mower

Maintenance method of China Lawn Mower :

After each day's work, the machine should be maintained daily, that is, the technical maintenance of the shift, which includes: removing dirt, weeds, oil stains, and other dirt, performing a comprehensive cleaning of the machine; checking the engine oil level, the inspection steps are: First remove the lubricating oil filler cap and dry the oil dipstick; insert the oil dipstick into the oil filling port again, then pull it out, observe the oil level, and add lubricating oil that meets the requirements if necessary according to the operation manual. Strictly follow the instructions to change the oil, check the condition of the spark plugs often, and clean the surface stains before storing it when not in use for a long time.

The forage harvesting operation environment is poor, and the air filter should be cleaned 1-2 times a day according to the situation of the operation plot to keep the filter clean. The operation method is: first clean the appearance of the air filter, unscrew the air inlet screw, and wipe the sundries and dust in the air inlet. Open the fasteners, take out the filter element, wipe the external dirt, then take a small amount of clean diesel oil, clean the filter element with a brush dipped in the diesel oil, wipe the filter element box clean, add an appropriate amount of oil to the filter element box, and then install the filter element in the sequence, Install the fasteners and tighten the screws above.

Check and maintain the cutter. The cutter is also a wearing part. Check the condition of the cutter every day after work. Unscrew the cutter to see if there is any damage. When the blade is damaged, it can be polished with an ordinary sharpening stone, when the blade is seriously damaged, the blade should be replaced. Then reinstall the blade onto the cutting disc and tighten the screws. Careful daily maintenance can ensure that the lawn mower has fewer failures during operation and improves operating efficiency.

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