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How To Use China Lawn Mower

China Lawn Mower is a mechanical tool for mowing lawns, vegetation, etc. It improves people's quality of life and brings great convenience to people's lives. It can undertake the functions of plowing, sweeping, transporting, pulling, plowing, tilling, and weeding. The grass is clean and trimmed neatly, and it takes no effort to adjust the height, left and right, front and rear. Never hunched over again at work, can be used by men and women of all ages. Change the corresponding knives, install the upper and lower pallets and protective covers, and can also harvest shrubs, forages, reeds, and tea garden branches, and trim the flowerbeds. It is composed of a cutter head, engine, traveling wheel, traveling mechanism, blade, handrail, and control part. Do not use the lawn mower for a long time in the hot and cold seasons, and pay attention to proper rest. use Check the lawn mower before and after.

Debris must be removed from the mowing area before mowing. Check the engine oil level, the amount of gasoline, the air filter performance, the tightness of the screws, and the tightness and sharpness of the blades. To start the engine in a cold state, first, close the damper, press the oiler more than 3 times to open the throttle to the maximum, and then open the damper in time after starting. If the grass is too long when mowing, it should be divided into stages

stage cut. Only mow 13 of the total grass length at a time. Operators should pay special attention to walking through the mowing area to remove stones, wires, branches, and other debris before mowing. Ensure that all safety components are complete guards, and draft guards. If the safety device is damaged or missing, or if the panel becomes blurred.

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