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How To Use Gasoline Rotary Tiller

Steps to use Gasoline Rotary Tiller:

1. Fill the fuel, when using the lawn mower to weed, unscrew the black cap on the white pot to see the filling port. Fill with 92-point gasoline.

2. Pull the lever handle, when you want to start the lawn mower, just pull the lever handle and pull it 5-6 times to start the lawn mower.

3. Throttle adjustment, the throttle control on the lawn mower is also used to control the speed of the cutter head of the lawn mower. The bigger the throttle, the higher the speed. Big throttle.

4. The handle adjusts the throttle and the speed of the blade. The handle on the lawn mower can also be used to control the throttle and the speed of the blade when it is twisted.

5. Turn off the lawn mower. When the lawn mower does not need to be used, turn off the engine and stop the engine. Press the red square button indicated by the arrow in the picture below, and the lawn mower will turn off.

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