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Petrol Lawn Mower's Job Considerations

Job Notes for Petrol Lawn Mower :

1. When you use the Creep lawn mower for the first time, be sure to read the operation and maintenance manual.

2. When mowing the lawn, be sure to wear sturdy shoes and trousers, do not go barefoot, or wear open sandals to operate the lawn mower, mainly to prevent the blades or the grass rope from splashing stones and hurting people.

3. Before starting each machine, check whether the blade and engine mounting screws are tight.

4. Check whether the engine needs to be refueled, but does not exceed the standard calibration position, and check whether the gasoline is sufficient. When the engine is running or still in a high-temperature state, do not refuel indoors. The fuel filling must be carried out in a cold state. do not smoke.

5. Before pruning, thoroughly check the pruning area, remove branches, stones, wires, wires, and other debris, and pay attention to dangerous parts such as holes and stumps.

6. When the engine is running, do not adjust the height of the wheels. Be sure to stop until the blade is completely still and adjust its level.

7. Different speeds are suitable for different grass conditions. The highest speed of the engine is suitable for tall and strong grass, and the lowest speed is suitable for short and thin grass. Push the lawn mower away at an appropriate speed.

8. When mowing grass on sloping land, first of all, be familiar with the applicable slope of the lawn mower. Do not mow the grass on the slope that is too steep, do not mow up and down again, and be very careful when changing the direction of the lawn.

9. It is forbidden to use machinery after taking medicine or drinking, and do not mow the grass immediately after raining and watering, in order to prevent people from slipping and machinery working poorly. 10. Do not start the machine with a load in deep grass, and remember to remove stones, branches, and various debris when using the lawn mower.

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