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Self-propelled Lawn Mowers Factory Introduces Carburetor Cleaning Requirements

The most annoying part of the lawn mower diaphragm carburetor is that it is easy to block. The blockage is usually some suspended matter in the fuel and the jelly generated by the fuel attached to the carburetor oil passage. Usually, we remove the carburetor for cleaning. The technical requirements for personnel to remove the carburetor for cleaning are a bit high. Below, Self-propelled Lawn Mowers Factory introduces the cleaning requirements of the carburetor:

1. Remove the air filter, start the engine, and make the engine reach the maximum speed;

2. Put on a clean glove with your palm or quickly press the carburetor air intake with a clean rag. A strong suction can be felt in the palm of the hand, and the engine speed will gradually decrease. When the engine speed is low (it feels like the engine is about to turn off), remove the palm and let the engine return to the normal high-speed operation state.

3. Press the steps above and repeat several times until the engine works normally. If there is a carburetor cleaner, use it together to reduce the number of times. This is the most effective way to clean the carburetor. Of course, if the carburetor is blocked until there is no fuel supply at all, there is no way to do it. The only way is to disassemble and clean or replace the carburetor.

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