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Startup Considerations For Gasoline Lawn Mower

Startup Notes for Gasoline Lawn Mower :

1. Make sure that there are no children or other people within 15 meters (50 feet) of the work area, and also be aware that there are no animals near the work area.

2. Before using the lawn mower, be sure to check the operation safety of the lawn mower: check the safety of the cutter, the smooth operation of the joystick, and whether the function of the joystick lock is normal.

3. Tool rotation is not allowed during idling. If in doubt, consult your dealer for adjustments. Check that the handle is clean and dry, and test the kinetic energy of the start/stop switch.

4. Only start the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) as instructed, never use any other method to start the engine.

5. Only use gasoline lawnmowers (brush cutters) and knives for their designated purposes.

6. The engine of the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) can only be started after the complete machine is assembled. Operation of the machine is only permitted with all appropriate accessories installed.

7. Before starting, make sure that the knife does not touch hard objects, such as branches, rocks, etc. because the knife will rotate when starting.

8. If any engine problem occurs, the engine should be shut down immediately.

9. If the knife hits a stone or other hard problem, immediately shut down the engine and check the knife.

10. Regularly check whether the knife is damaged (use the percussion test to detect the presence or absence of fine lines).

11. The gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) can only be operated after the shoulder straps have been adjusted before operating the gasoline lawn mower (brush cutter) on the back. The shoulder straps must be adjusted to the user's body size to prevent fatigue during use. Do not hold the cutter with one hand during use.

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