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The Installation Process Of The Gasoline Rotary Tiller

For Gasoline Rotary Tiller , the arrangement and installation of the rotary tiller are important tasks. The knife shaft should be evenly stressed to avoid missing tillage and blockage. Improper installation will seriously affect the quality of work, and due to the unbalanced rotation of the blade, it will cause damage to the machine parts and increase the vibration of the unit, which is unsafe. The arrangement and configuration of blades on the cutter shaft shall meet the following requirements:

1. Equipped with more than two blades, it should ensure that the amount of cut soil is equal, so as to achieve a good quality crushed soil and smooth ditch bottom after plowing.

2. In the process of one revolution of the cutter shaft, at the same phase angle, one knife must be inserted into the soil to ensure the stability of the work and the uniform load of the cutter shaft.

3. For the blades that are buried in the soil one after another, the longer the axial distance on the cutter shaft, the better, so as to avoid clogging.

4. The left-curved and right-curved blades should be staggered as much as possible to balance the force on the bearings at both ends of the cutter shaft. Generally, the blades are arranged regularly according to the helix.

5. According to different agricultural technical requirements, the blades of the rotary tiller can be installed in different ways. When installed, the bending direction of the blade is different, and the ground surface has different shapes. Generally, there are three ways to install the rotary tiller:

① Built-in method The left side of the knife shaft is all equipped with right-curved blades, and the right side is all equipped with left-curved blades. After plowing, the middle of the ground will be ridged, which is suitable for soil preparation before furrowing.

②In the external installation method, in addition to the inner installation of the two outermost blades, the left side of the knife shaft is equipped with a left-curved blade, and the right side is equipped with a right-curved blade. After plowing, there is a shallow groove in the middle.

③Staggered installation method The left and right scimitars are arranged in a staggered arrangement on the cutter shaft. The ground surface is flat after plowing, suitable for harrowing after plowing or arable land before sowing. It is a common installation direction that is consistent with the direction of entry into the soil, and a comprehensive inspection is carried out.

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