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Walk-behind Lawn Mowers Factory Introduces How To Maintain Lawn Mowers

Walk-behind Lawn Mowers Factory introduces the maintenance methods of lawn mowers:

1. Maintenance of lawn mower oil:
Before using the lawn mower every time, check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower scales of the oil dipstick. The engine oil should be changed after 5 hours of use of the new machine, and once more after 10 hours of use, and the oil should be changed regularly according to the requirements of the manual. Oil change should be carried out when the engine is hot. Do not add too much engine oil, otherwise, there will be: black smoke, large power shortage (too much carbon deposit in the cylinder, small gap between spark plugs), engine overheating, and other phenomena. The engine oil should not be filled too little, otherwise, there will be: engine gear noise, accelerated wear and damage of piston rings, even lava, etc., causing serious damage to the engine.

2. Maintenance of the air filter of the lawn mower:
The air filter should be checked for dirt before and after each use and should be changed and washed frequently. If it is too dirty, it will cause difficulty in starting the engine, heavy black smoke, and insufficient power. If the filter element is made of paper, you can remove the filter element and dust off the dust attached to it; Good for absorbing dust.

3. Maintenance of the radiator of the lawn mower:
The main function of the radiator is to eliminate noise and dissipate heat. When the lawn mower is working, the flying grass clippings will adhere to the radiator, affecting its heat dissipation function. In severe cases, it will cause cylinder scuffing and damage the engine. Therefore, after each use of the lawn mower, the radiator must be carefully cleaned of debris.

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